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faytech’s Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitors are the perfect choice for industrial and business applications. The capacitive 10-finger multitouch panel brings an easy using experience for a wide range of applications. Each model in this series is built for reliable and extended service by using an A+ quality HD LCD panel with energy efficient LED technology. It is equipped with a wide range of standard connectors, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB-Touch, Serial (remote control) and DC-In. Besides this it has high brightness of 1000 cd/m2.

The touch panel is optically bonded to the LCD panel, which will improve the stability, reduce the reflection, increase the viewing angle, and enhance the perceived brightness. It also provides resistance to dust particles and shows a better image in general. This open frame version is a light weight model without any back case, which makes it perfect for integrating into your own system or mount at different locations. On top of that, the price will be more economic, because less parts are needed. It is the perfect interactive solution for digital signage, classrooms, meeting rooms, industrial automation, shopping malls, hotels and many other areas.



Headed up by our European management team, based in Shekou ,Shenzhen, China DLOGIC develops and manufactures best-of-breed touch display computers, commonly know as either Panel PCs or embedded computers, and utilizes Logic’s world class touch display technologies. Every aspect of our DLOGIC touch display computers are developed from the ground up; software, PCB design, schematic layout, fabrication, industrial and mechanical design, prototyping, testing, certification and mass production. All conducted, controlled and managed in-house buy our world class management, engineering and production team.

faytech relies on German Engineering standards and combines that with attractive priced Asian Manufacturing. In combination with reliable Local Service, faytech offers one of the most interesting packages in the touch device industry. Distributors in Europe, North America, Australia, Africa and Asia offer faytech products, making it a reliable global brand.

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