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Novitronic is distributing customized cable manufactures out of modern production facilities. Not only our competent and qualified staff and suppliers but also accurate fully- and semi automatic machines and cutting- and mounting devices guarantee the constantly high quality of our products.

Products: Testing technology:
• Single strands • Length checks
• Flat-band conductor • Allocation checks
• Coaxial cable • Microsection checks
• Cable harness • Monitoring of crimp force
• Sheathed cables • Short-circuit tests
(shielded and unshielded) • Measurement of pull-of forces

Crimping tools from Hanke, Schäfer, Tyco and others are used to process contact systems from Amphenol, FCI, JST, Molex and Tyco. (Special contacts are available on request).

Examples for customized solutions:

Amphenol C16-3 Gerätestecker mit Einzeladern und D-SUB-Buchsen Flachbandleitung
Amphenol C16-3 device plug with single conductors and D-SUB sockets Flat-band conductor
M 12 konfektioniert Molex KK Laminierte Rundleitung, Raster 1,27
M12 manufactured Molex KK Laminated round conductor, Raster 1,27
Amphenol M16 Gerätedose mit Flachleitung Diverse Crimpkontakte an Einzeladern NMB Lüfter mit Molex Stecker
Amphenol M 16 connector socket with flat-cable Divers crimp contacts at single conductors NMB fan with Molex connector

In Germany, we are representing world-famous manufacturers of plug connections like Amphenol or DDK. Additionally, we are working with fan manufacturers such as NMB. In order to facilitate serial production, we also provide the service of manufacturing cables according to customer specification. This service is available for single and series quantities.
Our 25 years of experience in the field of plug connectors and manufactures guarantee the highest quality – even for the complex requirements of electronic or chemical industry, for medizin or engineering.

Ralf Widmann
Fon: +49 7452 88780 21
Fax: +49 7452 88780 99

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